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Mad Men

I’m a big fan of this show, and if you haven’t watched it yet then you are an idiot.

The Mad Men era of America was really a beautiful social model. The men worked hard, women knew how to cook and listened to their husbands, children were disciplined and there was great shame in divorce. Personal accountability was the norm before Kennedy was elected.

The thing about Mad Men though is that you aren’t meant to watch it with admiration – you are meant to laugh and smirk at crude social foibles – like ostracizing a divorced women, men not taking their wives seriously and slapping your kids when they piss you off.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for a contemporary, edgy show to portray that period without highlighting how far we’ve progressed in a positive light. Single motherhood is now the norm AND a cause of celebration. It’s good that we treat kids like spoiled adults…

As that social period was far superior to the one we have now, the only way to portray it is to show that while everything might look squeaky clean on the outside, scratch the surface and you will find womanising men, depressed housewives and psychologically traumatized children.

Bullshit. A far higher percentage of people were far happier, more secure and content with life then, than after the mid-60’s social revolution. Especially for the working men – the most important demographic of society you want to keep happy.